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Traditional braces have been around for a long time, and they’re probably the most recognizable symbol of orthodontics.

These orthodontic workhouses have a long history of successful treatment and are great at correcting many oral issues.

Orem & Nephi Braces

Looking for a trusted orthodontic treatment with a proven track record for transforming smiles? At Form Orthodontics, we’re proud to offer the latest braces technology to our Orem and Nephi patients of all ages.

There are many good reasons why traditional metal braces are one of our most popular treatment plans — because they offer a reliable, effective and economic treatment option.

In contrast to the appliances of the past, the braces you’ll see at Form Orthodontics are actually smaller, lighter, and more comfortable to wear.

See What Metal Braces Are Made Of

While metal braces have gotten a few upgrades over the years, their basic anatomy has stayed pretty much the same.

Check out the different parts that work together to help metal braces straighten your teeth:

  • Brackets: Dr. Reid glues these small metal devices to your teeth to hold everything else in place and help guide your teeth into their correct alignment.
  • Archwires: These thin, curved wires go through your brackets and put gentle pressure on your teeth to help move them slowly into the right places.
  • Elastic bands: Also called o-rings or elastic ties, Dr. Reid uses these tiny rubber rings to attach and hold the archwire to the brackets.
  • Rubber bands: We normally string rubber bands between an upper bracket hook and a lower bracket hook to put extra pressure on your teeth or jaws. This pressure helps correct overbites, underbites, and other issues.
  • Spacers: Spacers are small rubber rings that create space between your teeth before you get braces to help make sure your brackets fit properly.

How Braces Straighten Your Smile

Metal braces work by using brackets, archwires, elastics, and spacers to slowly move your teeth. Here's what you can expect at Form Orthodontics:

  • Consultation: Dr. Reid will examine your teeth and talk to you about what you want. Then we’ll customize a plan to fit your needs and help you reach your smile goals.
  • Getting Braces: First, Dr. Reid will glue your brackets to your teeth. Then, he’ll thread the archwires through the brackets and hold them in place with elastic rings.
  • Adjustments: You'll visit Dr. Reid regularly so he can make changes to your braces, such as tightening your archwire to keep your teeth moving.
  • Transformation: As you continue wearing your braces and following Dr. Reid's instructions, your teeth will slowly move into the right positions. It may take some time, but you’ll soon enjoy an amazing new smile!
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Why Metal Braces Are a Great Choice

At Form Orthodontics, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that metal braces offer, including:

Reliable & Versatile

Metal braces can fix a variety of different orthodontic problems like crowded teeth or spaces between your teeth. They can also reliably correct more complex issues than other treatments.

Strong & Durable

Metal braces are strong and can handle the pressure needed to gently move your teeth into a straighter, healthier smile.


Metal braces can better fit into a wider range of budgets because they’re often more affordable than other treatments.


Unlike with clear aligners and other types of braces, you can choose colorful elastic rings to make your braces look cool or match your mood or special occasion.

Find Out If Metal Braces
Are For You

To know if metal braces are right for you, you need to see Dr. Reid at Form Orthodontics. During your visit, Dr. Reid will look at your teeth and talk to you about your options. Metal braces might be the best choice if you:

  • Need a lot of movement or have complex teeth problems
  • Want a reliable treatment that works well and carries a proven track record
  • Are looking for an affordable option to get your dream smile

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At Form Orthodontics, we believe you and your family deserve healthy, beautiful smiles. We also know that metal braces can give you that amazing smile.

Dr. Reid and our friendly team are here to guide you through your smile journey and give you the grin you've always wanted. Schedule your free consultation to discover how metal braces can help you get a straight, beautiful smile at our offices in Orem and Nephi.